Split Lentils for Slow Carb Diet breakfast


I have been doing the Four Hour Body for 17 weeks no in an attempt to complete The Four Hour Body Last Mile I am still learning about what works and what doesn’t. In order to kick start the body’s metabolism on the Slow Carb Diet, you need to eat 30grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking (note waking not getting up). Eating three eggs is not going to give you 30 grams of protein. Three standard eggs is 24 grams. Top up the remaining protein with a food that is going to give you CARBS + PROTEIN. This should of course be beans or lentils.


The Four Hour Body – Week 17 Results – The Last Mile


Week 17 has come and gone and here are the Four Hour Body Geek To Freak results. It is long long road but I am getting there.

Video of how to so the 4 hour body kettlebell swing


The 4 hour body kettlebell swing is one of the most important exercises involved in building the perfect posterior as part of The Four Hour Body. The 4 hour body kettlebell swing implements the minimum effective dose required when following the Slow Carb Diet.

Easter Dilemma on the Four Hour Body diet


This is going to be a really hard weekend for my Geek To Freak diet. We have Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday and my birthday too. Next week we have the Royal Wedding, a weekend then Bank Holiday Monday. We have 8 days off and 3 days in work. Where should I put my four hour body cheat day?

Geek To Freak Video Interview with Tim Ferriss


I have added a video interview where Tim Ferriss shares his thoughts about the Four Hour Body and Geek To Freak

The Four Hour Body – The Last Mile program – New Whey Protein


I have been doing The Four Hour Body – The Last Mile program now as part of my Geek To Freak transformation.

My body fat and total body inches have stalled, but everyone is commenting on how taut my abs have become.
There is still no real sign of them, but my core is very firm now.

I think one of the problems with fat loss, is the protein shake. The one I have been using had some carbs in it.I don’t know for sure how many, since I lost the label (one of those stupid cellophane things). Today I am switching to Balance Muscle Technology  100% Pure ION Exchange Whey.

Per 30grams it has:-

28.5 g protein (really high) 
0.15g carbs (really low)

I am also switching from Peanut Butter to Almond Butter. Peanut has 5.1g fat, 2.4 protein, 0.9 carbs (per 10g)
Almond butter has 5.5 fat, 2.5 protein, 0.6 carbs. These are pretty negligible, but I prefer the Almond butter to peanut butter. 

I guess I am getting to the point of questioning everything…..